The Aim: to join together in prayer for Presbytery-related matters and to strengthen the bonds between congregations with Presbytery as a whole, and Presbyters and congregations with each other.

For Week 3, specific input to follow. For Week 4, I’ve randomly paired up congregations to pray for each other. In Week 5 we pray for relationships out-with the Presbytery.


Consider using visuals, audio, interviews, possibly a Skype call to augment the prayers.

Week 1: 1 October
Pray for: - safe travel to Malta
- last minute preparations
- fruitful discussions and discernment on the best way forward
- good fellowship and opportunities to give and receive support and encouragement

Week 2: 8 October (Presbytery weekend) (for attention of those leading the service in your absence)
Give thanks for:
- the opportunity to meet as Presbytery
- the hospitality provided by St Andrews, Malta and their minister, Rev. Kim Hurst

Pray for:
- safe travel home
- fruitful follow-up

Week 3: 15 October
Pray for:
- specific issues that came up at Presbytery (info from business committee)
- our current mission project (info from mission committee)
- our readers in training (info from Lance Stone)

Week 4: 22 October
Pray for the congregation you’re paired up with. Use the congregational report and direct input from Presbyters from your partner congregation to inform your prayers.
Lausanne – Budapest
Fuengirola – Lisbon
Rome – Paris
Gibraltar – Brussels
Colombo – Bermuda
Bochum – Amsterdam
Malta – Trinidad
Rotterdam - Geneva

Week 5: 29 October
Pray for:
- relationships with the councils and committees of the Church of Scotland
- local ecumenical links

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